Tax Reduction Strategies

Taxes may be the largest single expenditure you incur. In an effort to reduce and control taxes, we look to utilize a combination of strategies that include:


Deferring the receipt of income until such time as you are in a lower bracket


Diverting income to individuals or entities with lower marginal tax brackets


Converting income that would be taxed at ordinary income rates into either a tax free or tax deferred status or capital gain income


Deduct allowable expenses against earned income

We create a realistic perspective of the impact of taxes on your income and assets to meet your long-term needs and objectives. What if you could analyze a variety of “what-if” scenarios to prepare for all the contingencies the future might hold?


Assess the long-term impact of taxes, inflation and each of the financial strategies you’re now using or planning to use


Project your annual cash flow (income and expenses) alongside your asset growth over the full length of your life expectancy


Let us show you how our strategies can potentially lower your taxes now and in the future