Financial Planning Process

Phase 1: Discovery & Organization

Together we will discuss your goals, both big and small.  We’ll talk about how you feel about money and what you hope to accomplish.  Our team will gather information in a relaxing and conversational way to discover your assets, liabilities, spending, and income.

Additionally, our team will review your current insurance coverage, estate planning documents, and tax returns.  Once our analysis is complete, we move to phase 2.

Phase 2: Strategy & Implementation

Next, we ask you to identify what your most pressing financial need is or what you want us to fix first.  For example, you may need us to assemble the most appropriate investment portfolio, adjust your insurance coverage, fix your legal documents, or strategize ways to minimize your taxes.

We then take care of the details and paperwork.  This process continues in your order of preference until all the work is done.

PHASE 3: Ongoing Monitoring

With a financial plan in place, we then keep close watch and suggest changes to your planning, investments, insurance, legal and tax structures as the need arises.  Our relationship does not end once you implement your financial plan.  Your personal situation and objectives are not static.  We will meet with you periodically to analyze any changes in your financial situation and recommend any changes that are necessary to help you reach your goals.

We Collaborate With Your Team of Experts

At Envision Wealth Management, we offer a unique service for our clients. We communicate with your other specialists and financial professionals in order to ensure that your financial planning strategies are fully aligned with your objectives. This collaboration includes your attorneys and accountants.

Our Integrated Approach

Many of our clients have trusted, long-term advisors, perhaps an attorney, a CPA, or both, who have done much of their financial planning work in the form of wills, trusts, business agreements, or retirement plans. Our work supplements and coordinates the services these advisors provide.

While each of your existing advisors is a focused specialist, we look at the various pieces of your financial picture and put them together by using a cross-disciplinary approach to help you achieve your objectives. We also work closely with your other advisors to ensure that the alternatives you choose complement any existing business, estate tax or investment strategies.