Financial Planning and Investment Management
for Attorneys and People Over Age 50

We guide people just like you through the complexity of everyday life with a financial road map that is responsive to your evolving needs.

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Our Envision Planning Process will maximize your resources to free up time and energy so you can focus on your family, your practice, and what you love most.

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Financial Planning For Attorneys

By creating customized financial roadmaps, We help attorneys solve their most important business and financial challenges so they build more profitable practices and improve their personal finances.


We focus on income planning, social security maximization, and investment management to help you enjoy your hard-earned money through your retirement years.

Tax Reduction

Life is too short to overpay on taxes.  We focus on multi-year strategies that may lower the taxes you will pay over your lifetime.


Our years of experience and patience will help you make better decisions when you inherit assets.  Let us help you avoid costly mistakes and make it less stressful during difficult times.

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If you are looking for somebody to sell you something and make you feel uncomfortable, then you have come to the wrong place.

Why Envision Wealth Management?

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CFP® Professional

There are over 300,000 “financial advisors” available to you, but less than 25% can call themselves a CFP® professional.  Our Virginia Beach financial advisors are held to strict ethical standards and are trained in 72 areas of financial expertise.

Source: Cerulli & CFP Board


With no sales quotas to meet or corporate interests to serve, we are able to offer our clients objective financial advice and investment recommendations.  Our affiliation with Lincoln Financial Network means we can tackle almost any financial issue.

Client Experience

Our comprehensive financial planning process is designed to simplify your life so you can make sense of an increasingly complex world. Our firm utilizes industry-leading technology and personalized attention to deliver a world-class experience.

Reduce Taxes And Fees

Life is too short to pay too much in taxes and investment fees.  Our investment management process is designed to maximize returns by finding creative ways to lower your tax bill and will help you save on hidden investment fees that you may not be aware of.

Case Studies

Attorney wanting to increase cash flow and reduce taxes

Case Study #1

Rebecca just turned 60 and is concerned about her retirement and the future of the firm she built.

Learn How We Helped Her Make Work Optional
attorney wanting to invest smarter

Case Study #2

Brad has to balance work and a growing family.  He also has to find a way to pay off his student loans and save for retirement.

Find Out How We Helped Brad

Work With a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional Who Believes in Unbiased Advice

I am Jonathan Muhlendorf, a husband, father, aquarium enthusiast, community leader, sailor, and Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner since 2003.

Those who know me well think my greatest gift is my ability to get right to the point and provide straightforward answers.

The most important decision I have made over my 20 year career is to give unbiased advice with no corporate agenda, sales goals, or conflicts of interest.

Click the schedule now button below to access my calendar for a 15 minute phone call.  We want to make it easy for you to get a second opinion at no cost.

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Virginia Beach Financial Advisor Jonathan Muhlendorf
Jonathan Muhlendorf, CFP®, President
Muhlendorf East Beach Beach Norfolk Virginia
My family loves living in East Beach, Norfolk Virginia

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